Posted by: mship99 | April 18, 2010

The Right Arm Hammer Drill – add 5 – 10 mph of clubhead speed

Chuck Quinton’s is arguably in my opinion the best golf instruction website out there (I will talk about that another day). His site  is, in my opinion, far and above the #1 informational website about the golf swing out there and I have learned SO very much from his site. It is truly a must visit site if you want to understand exactly how your body is supposed to move in the golf swing.

Anyway he has a drill that is called “throw the ball” where the golfer gets in their posture without a club and a golf ball in their right hand (for righties) and they are to throw the golf ball at the golf ball on the ground. This drill is for golfers that are too left side dominant with their downswing. Well I am a left handed thrower so this drill was just not translating into the proper “feeling” for me and I assume many others so I had to figure out a way to cut through all of the technical hub bub to find a way to get myself to FEEL what it was I need to so I came up with the RIGHT ARM HAMMER DRILL.

I am willing to bet that 98% of you out there have at one time or another in your life hammered a nail into a board so I am hopeful that this drill will do for you what it did for me and provide that AHA moment. And if you have any questions please, use the link on the right to go to the forum and post. I will be happy to answer any you may have. Oh and I said in the video that this is for swing models that advocate keeping the arms in front…that was an oversight this drill will help any swing model.

Enjoy and God Bless.



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  2. […] What you will notice in this video that in the very beginning of the downswing Monte’s right arm and shoulder appear to be working down and under the left almost the exact opposite of what he says that we should be feeling (ala the RAHD drill posted on this site […]

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